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Evaluando la Transparencia y la Rendición de Cuentas en México: Perspectivas Nacionales, Locales y Comparadas.

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Over the past decade, the rule of law -- effective enforcement of the law, government adherence to the law, and access to justice through the law -- has proved weak in Mexico. Moreover, despite significant national level efforts to promote justice sector reform, such initiatives have not produced sufficient improvements in the effectiveness and accountability of the justice system. Although much existing research on Mexico's justice system provides diagnoses of the current system at the national level, there is relatively little analysis of the policy alternatives and best practices applied in different states in Mexico and in other Latin American countries where reforms are advancing rapidly. This monograph, derived from the Justice in Mexico Project ( of the Trans-Border Institute at the University of San Diego, helps to address this gap by contributing comparative analyses of innovations and experiences at the state level in Mexico and elsewhere in the hemisphere. The purpose of this monograph, and the larger series of which it is a part, is to identify best practices, foster exchange of knowledge, and encourage successful replication of justice sector reform in Mexico.

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